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Nepalese kukri In Honour of the bravest of the braves, the Gurkhas!

Khukuri Nepal’s goal is to perpetuate the legacy of the bravest of the braves; the Gurkha army, bringing Khukuri | Kukri on your doorsteps, which is an iconic symbol for their gallantry.

Khukuri Nepal intend to provide Nepali Gurkha Khukuri with different attributes, for different objectives, and with different untold tales to them in the hope to honour the fearless, the Gurkha.

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Khukuri Nepal’s Full Blade Lethal Gurkha Khukuri has usage in both warfare and interior decorating. This Khukuri possesses a robust handle that makes it ideal for the heavy-duty task- from striking and defensive to a utility tool.


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Origin and Legacy of Khukuri Nepal

In 1814, a war broke out between the Gurkhali army of Nepal and the British forces of the East India Company. The Gurkha army led the troops with a small machete called Nepalese kukri and fought fiercely. Since the Anglo-Nepalese war, the kukri rose to prominent fame globally.

The Gurkha Army has been carrying the nepali kukri since the Gurkhali troops of the late King Prithvi Narayan Shah. It later became a requisite element of military equipment during British control.

Moreover, the Nepalese kukri was also used in farms and homes as a utility tool.

The Nepali Gurkha Khukuri is an acknowledgment of national pride and recognition. Also, it is an imperative tool for the communities of central and eastern Nepal like Gurung, Magar, Rai, Limbu, and Tamang.

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