Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri
Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri
Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri
Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri
Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri

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Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri


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Products Details

The Double Fuller Lethal Khukuri is a full tang knife with two layers as shock absorbers. This ferocious khukuri is famed for its long lifespan compared to most Khukuris. Seemingly the blade is rough due to vigorous hammering on the edges – designed especially for rough work. The handle has two rivets to toughen the fixtures, plus it has two grooves on its spine. This lethal khukuri is a war acquaintance for the soldiers and a handy utility tool for working inside or outside the home. For hunting and camping lovers, it is the best khukuri to have.

Major Specifications

1. Actual Weight: 450g

2. Overall Weight with cover: 570g

3. Blade Length: 7.5 inches

4. Blade Sharpness: Highly standard lifetime warranty (Standard sharp)

5. Overall Length: 13.5 inches

6. Material Used: Highly Graded Carbon Steel

7. Finishing: Traditional Unpolished but Best Quality Finishing (Antique)

8. Handle Finish: Non-Polished Rose Wooden Smooth Finishing.

9. Scabbard (Cover): Crafted with Black Polish Hard Leather with Vertical Carriage Forge

10. Additional: 1:1 Karda:Chakmak

11. Function: Meat chopping, Defending, Attacking, Military, Combat, Collection.

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