Khukuri Nepal

Khukuri Nepal is a company selling the finest Khukuris in the market. We closely work with some of the most experienced and skilled artisans to bring forth the iconic pieces of Khukuris.

What we do

We, the team of young people with the motive to keep the Gurkha’s legacy alive, work in very close collaboration with some of the accomplished forgers involved in crafting the weapon to get them to the Global Market. 

Our company closely works with some skilled forgers to craft the weapon to help them establish economically. 

As our company works with expertise, we ascertain to provide the best quality Khukuris across the globe.

Our vision

We intend to introduce the Nepali weapon to a higher reach on the ground to sustain the legacy of the Gurkhali fighters.

What we serve

We believe in delivering the best of the best Khukuris on your doorsteps. Aligned with our motive, we bring you different Khukuris with different purposes, alongside better quality blades.

Respecting your choices, we provide you with customization options and bring you the Khukuri of your liking accordingly. Since our company works with some veteran artisans, we also maintain the authenticity of the Khukuris. 

Going global

The Khukuri significantly depicts the tale of brave Gurkhas,  accompanying them to the battleground leading to a subsequent win. Embracing its symbolism, we wish to introduce the historical Khukuris to the Global market.

Moreover, we would like to contribute to the economy of Nepal, ensuring a quality livelihood for the Khukuri makers.

Our Values


We work with some veteran craftspeople to maintain the authenticity of the Khukuri.

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver our products all across the world. Therefore, you can buy our product from anywhere.

Quality Centric

We use the best quality materials to give you an impeccable experience.

Fully Secured Payment

We have a fully secured payment gateway to respect your reliability.

Express Delivery

We provide a quick delivery to save you time.

Customer Support

We are available 24/7 to answer your queries.